Monday, October 25, 2010

What They are Saying about the Oiler's Cheer Squad

by Lisa Ovens

I put up my winter photo early this year...its cold, stormy weather in Vancouver right now!

Before I get to what people are saying, I can't help but want to help the Oilers consider other options so they don't upset a portion of the fanbase so much. So I'm working on that for a column for later this week.

Hockey fans everywhere have an opinion about the Oilers adding a cheer squad to their game presentation. After surfing around the Internets, here are a few popular reasons for not adding the squad to the game...

1) Its Canada, hockey doesn't need it as a marketing gimmick
2) Its demeaning to women
3) We're supposed to be focused on the game
4) We're Oiler fans, we know how to cheer when we see something to cheer about

There are people who don't care as long as the squad doesn't block their view of the game. And there are plenty of guys who love the idea and are hoping for hot ladies in tiny costumes.

I also checked on a couple of hockey writers as they weigh in on the controversial issue, one in the United States and one in Canada.

Leslie Silvey (the Hockey Mom) in Washington DC is no stranger to dance teams, the Capitals include them in the game's Leslie's take

Musings of a Hockey Mom

The Cantankerous Canuck wonders if the addition of an Oiler dance team is a sign of desparation.

Cantankerous Canuck

And you can see what hundreds of people have to say on the petition page, which is now up to 771 signatures.

Oilers Petition Page

 Happy Monday!

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