Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More July 1st News

by Lisa Ovens

One of the coolest names in hockey has re-signed with their southern based NHL team: Radek Dvorak has signed a two year deal with the Florida Panthers. Those folks out there who are jealous of Dvorak's wicked name might also be envious of the approximate $1.7 million he will earn over each year.

We've just received an official quote from Jan Snyder,our Southern USA based Hockey writer. Snyder comments on the day so far...

Jan Snyder

"Hey, Happy Canada Day ! I think it's so great that everyone in Canada has a day off to celebrate Free Agency! Glad to see you are keeping the Twins." - Jan Snyder, Houston Texas

-thank you Jan...have a great day :o)

Well so far the big news of the day is the Vancouver Canucks and the Sedin Twins managing to see eye to eye on a new five year deal. All of this took place less than one hour before free agency began this morning at 9am Pacific Time. Here is a photo of the wondertwins, relaxing during an interview. Please note the use of special effects....

Henrik and Daniel Sedin

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