Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joe Sakic

By Lisa Ovens

Last week one of the greats retired. Colorado Avalanche fans are saying good bye to long time center and Captain, "Burnaby Joe" Sakic.

Here at my house, I am placing my Joe Sakic Celebriduck into the "retired" hockey swag bin. It's bittersweet.

Photo: Lisa Ovens

Ask any Canuck fan, and they would tell you that they had always hoped, somehow, some way, Joe Sakic would find his way onto the Vancouver Canucks roster and play in his hometown (and make the team that much better!).

Does life begin at 40 years old for a retired hockey player like Joe Sakic? Whatever Joe's plans are, I am sure he won't have any trouble scoring tickets to the Men's Hockey Tournament during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Thinking back to 2002 in Salt Lake City (I remember it like it was just yesterday), I thought it was pretty cool to see Sakic selected as Team Canada's MVP after they won gold. Considering all of the talent in that Olympic locker room, he probably thought that too. That tournament is my favorite memory of Burnaby Joe, because, well, from a Canuck fan perspective, in NHL and Northwest Division terms, he was playing for the enemy, and man, he always played great against the Canucks.

Photo: Lisa Ovens

Hockey fans visiting Vancouver can find Joe Sakic Way, a roadway that takes people to the Burnaby Lakes Sports Complex, in Burnaby. The street used to be called Laurel Street. (I know what you thinking...what an upgrade in names!) Joe Sakic Way is a short drive from Canlan Ice Sports- Burnaby Eight Rinks, a regular practice facility for the Vancouver Canucks and visiting NHL teams.

Joe Sakic Stats:

1987 Drafted by the Quebec Nordiques 15th overall
2 Stanley Cups
1 Con Smythe Award (MVP, Playoffs 2006)
1 Hart Trophy ( 2001)
13 times voted All-Star
1378 NHL games played
1641 Points
20 NHL seasons played

In other news...

Twelve new Tim Horton stores were opened in Manhattan. The locations were formerly Dunkin Donuts. I know hockeyand welcomes readers from the New York area, so I will now share a column I wrote a few years back, when I reviewed the Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich. It was a Valentine's Day column as well, so feel the love, people...
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