Thursday, December 1, 2011

Four Goalies and a Planker

Well, almost planking. I had to miss most of tonight's Predators/Canucks tilt due to technical difficulties (at least I have the Panthers/Kings game on) but what little I saw I loved. Nothing like a crazy game between these two playoff rivals: Predators win 6-5, getting the go ahead goal in the dying minutes of the third, all four goalies saw ice time, and Canuck, Ryan Kesler has a moment on the top of the goal net!

Here's link to the video so you can see just how Kesler landed on the net, and the curious way he disembarked...

Canucks/Preds Game: Kesler's "Starsky and Hutch Slide" highlight

Wow, the Panthers/Kings game just finished, with the Panthers losing 2-1. This marks the first time I've seen the Panthers lose since I arrived in Florida.

It's 1:12am EST, and I can finally go to bed now that the hockey is done.

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