Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chocolate Hockey Goodness

By Lisa Ovens

Before I get into the chocolate, I have to say its still winter in Vancouver…and it’s already March! I am looking forward to changing out of my winter photo there on the left. Come on, Spring…spring already!!

Anyway, the other day writer, Jan Snyder submitted her column titled March Madness (it’s just below this delicious column). I decided to use a “hockey advent calendar” photo to accompany the article. I then emailed Jan to let her know the column had been posted, along with a photo I shot.

Well, she replied saying the photo was cute, “But what is that exactly?” Then I realized she might not know what an NHL Countdown to the Holidays Christmas Advent Calendar is because she lives in Houston, Texas, and these chocolate calendars probably don’t get that far down south. This is a little sad for any hockey fan living in a non traditional hockey market: they don’t get the treats!

Not long ago I used this photo for a story…it’s the NHL version of a Kinder Surprise. I gave it to my friend, Michelle for Christmas and asked her to take a shot of what hockey surprise was nestled inside…A Montreal Canadien’s goalie mask…tiny and adorable…just like the team ;o)

Now, Easter is around the corner, the NHL has a much bigger egg on the market…

 Unfortunately, most of the surprise has already been revealed on the packaging and display box. However, what's inside of the NHL Super Egg is way better than a Lady Gaga. There is a small Zamboni cradled in that egg, you just don’t know which team you’re going to get.

And finally, a photo of a hockey themed Easter treat I received last year from cousin, Jen and her man, Gervasio…

Check out the expression on the player’s face.

The chocolate mold artist captured one of the most popular random hockey player expressions ever! The slightly surprised, either waiting for a pass or just finished passing the puck sort of expression we see all of the time.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a shot of Vincent Lecavalier doing it…

So…hockey fans in non traditional markets, I do feel for you, especially when it comes to the little things like hockey themed chocolate treats at Christmas and Easter.

Wish I could give you all a big ol’ hug. Dang!

Enjoy the stretch drive to the Playoffs and Easter...don't eat too much chocolate, eh!


  1. I bet you could start an export business shipping this stuff to all us fans in non-traditional markets.

  2. Katie - Dallas Stars fanWednesday, April 06, 2011

    Oh, so lucky!!! I want some Christmas and Easter chocolate surprise eggs. How fun.