Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a Great Roll for Hockey! Heritage Classic Caps Off a Fab Mid Season Filled With Hockey Magic

If it says it on a pen, it must be true by Lisa Ovens

by Lisa Ovens

If you look back on the last two months, hockey fans everywhere have had more than a few reasons to celebrate this great game at the community level all the way up to the big league.

First the HBO 24/7 four part documentary leading up to the NHL's Winter Classic in Pittsburgh on Jan 1st, 2011. Then we had a re-vamped NHL All Star Weekend in North Carolina at January's end. A little while later and it was Hockey Day in Canada which has become a most beloved marathon of hockey's goodness. An then this weekend it was the still establishing its roots, Hockey Day in America and then finally  we saw the big league return to its outdoor hockey roots in Canada for the Heritage Classic at  Cagary's McMahon Stadium featuring the Calgary Flames and the Montreal Canadiens.

All I can say is GO HOCKEY GO!!

These events set plenty of things in motion from every person assigned to work on the spectacles, to fans at home planning a day of spectating. If anything, we can call this time The Mid Season Hockey Festival...Season? A time where hockey turns up the marketing heat and entire communities of people put on a show.

The Calgary Flames and the NHL scored a touchdown for presenting a fabulous event and McMahon Football Stadium. Too bad the Montreal Canadiens went scoreless in this 4-O chilly, outdoor affair. Maybe coach, Jacques Martin should have sported a hat today (putting a hat on a coach just adds a serious touch to the look that this hat lover approves!).

And Flames fans prove yet again they are the Kings of Seas, as the forty thousand member crowd showed off the RED.  Though I was impressed to catch one dude in a Canucks jersey during one of the many crowd shots...sweet!

Now the Mid Season Hockey Festival Season is over. The hockey world turns towards one thing...the race to the Playoffs and the fight to qualify. Things are going to get Gritty with a capital G. Are you ready for that, everybody?


  1. The past two months in the NHL have been very exciting, and the tight playoff races only add to the enthusiasm! I absolutely can't wait until the playoffs start! I am a huge fan of playoff overtime hockey, and love when the games go multiple overtimes.

  2. I was in hockey heaven with the really good matchups all day yesterday. I know the Heritage Classic had some logistical/ice problems, but I'm convinced that outdoor hockey is superior to all other forms. :)

    And how's about the Canucks sweeping the Stars, eh?