Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free NHL Network USA Preview...Don't Forget

by Lisa Ovens

Considering the number of US hockey fans dropping by the blogs of, I think this hockey tidbit  is worth a mention.

This week NHL Network in the United States is offering a free preview for hockey fans. Right now, the Penguins/ Capitals game is underway.

For the rest of the free game schedule please click here. Not only are there live games, fans can enjoy other hockey programming including documentaries and player profiles.

If you haven't watched the NHL Network yet, get on it! But be careful: I became addicted to it for two years! Seriously, for a casual fan wanting to turn up the interest in hockey, you can learn alot from NHL Network's programming.

After such a fabulous 2010 Olympic Hockey Tournament, and a crazy, exciting Gold Medal Game between Canada and the United States, it's good the NHL is offering this to further entice new, casual and POOFs (Playoff Only Fans) to the game. back to icing my sprained hand...injuries suck! (So does typing with one hand.)

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