Friday, October 30, 2009

2nd Annual NHL Coaches in Costume

by Lisa Ovens

Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to tune in to an NHL game and see the coaches dressed up in costumes? It would be so refreshing to see the men of hockey do something different, something shocking, or silly, like dress up in Halloween costumes for the end of October games. The rest of us working stiffs have to dress up in costumes for work, why should it be any different for these guys?

The following are some super costumes ideas for the bench bosses on the clock this Halloween....

Hurricanes vs. Flyers

 Paul Maurice: Since his team leads the league in penalty minutes, Maurice and staff should dress up as NHL referees, complete with whistles so they can call penalties on themselves.

John Stevens adds a fake ‘stache and an apron, and voila, he’s the “No Soup for You guy” from Seinfeld. He can modify his character line and shout “No ice time for you!” and shake a soup ladle at the refs when necessary.

Oilers vs. Bruins

 Pat Quinn will look fabulous dressed as a leprechaun. But one of those traditional leprechauns that closely follows the "code".
Claude Julien: He could do a reasonable Don Cherry, non?

Thrashers vs. Senators

John Anderson: could dress up like a Thrashers fan. They appear to need more.
Cory Clouston I would love to see the entire staff dressed as the Pierre McGuires! I want to see Clouston and crew, wearing bald heads and glasses with all of that monster McGuire enthusiasm we are exposed to every time we see Pierre on TSN.!! (Pierre is a former Sens assistant coach and pro scout. – dude knows his monsters, too)

Devils vs Lightning

Jaques Lemaire:  He’s hockey’s wise old shaman...Obi Wan Kenobi. Screw the Force...It's now May the Trap be with you!!!
Rick Tocchet Lightning owner,Oren Koules already gave Rick the Jigsaw costume from Saw 6...and it's scary. But not as scary as Paranormal Activity.

Sabres vs Islanders
 Lindy Ruff: Personally, I could see Lindy “Wastin’ away in Margarita Ville” decked out in holiday fun wear – tropical shirt, shorts, straw hat, a little zinc on the nose, and a salt rimmed cocktail glass as a prop. Go Lindy!
Scott Gordon This is a group costume: the bench staff dressed like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda from Sex and the City!!

Leafs vs. Canadiens

Ron Wilson might like to be the Invisible Man wrapped in bandages under a nice suit, bowler hat and spectacles. (Would be a dream costume should Wilson want to skip out on the occasional post game interview)
Jacques Martin Hey...we need a Dracula, and Jacques fits the bill. Full marks given if he can keep his fangs in for an entire game!

Wild vs. Pittsburgh

Todd Richards Black T-shirt printed with the words "Mr. Playoff" That's all anyone needs to know.
 Dan Bylsma: Imagine Dan in a slightly ill fitting black wig, and a Penguins jersey. That’s right....he’s Mario Lemieux!

Panthers vs. St. Louis

Peter DeBoer: For one night only DeBoer is the head Chef of the Florida Panthers, big poofy hat and all. Mike Kitchen will loves this.
Andy Murray and crew have the easiest costume idea, ever...the Blues Brothers. Just a bunch of groovin' Blues Brothers.

Stars vs. Predators

Marc Crawford His nickname is crow, and he will be the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz. Watch the hay fly everytime Crow loses his temper!!
Barry Trotz Barry Trotz plus shades and a tux equals Jack Nicholson. He will out-cool everyone in the place.

Ducks vs. Phoenix
 Randy Carlyle: Buzz Light the top of the standings and beyond!!!
Dave Tippett: Also from Toy Story... Woody, the adorable cowboy doll.

Wings vs. Flames

Mike Babcock and friends will be rockin’ out dressed as the rock group Kiss. Arena DJ will add to the atmosphere by playing snippets from Detroit Rock City. Bonus points for sticking and flicking tongue out at the refs after lame calls.

Brent Sutter: He wears his Devil costume from last year, and convinces brother, Darryl to wear one too, in the GM box above. They both have to throw their pitch forks down in disgust everytime Pavel Datsyuk scores.

Wishing everyone a safe happy Halloween!!

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