Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Become a fan of Handmade by Heroes, Sports Fans !!!

by Lisa Ovens

Look what arrived in the mail...a beautiful, handcrafted, paracord Vancouver Canucks bracelet courtesy of my awesome hockey friend, Marie in Nashville!! Marie ordered it online from The heroes also produce a bevy of other bracelets, along with key chains and lanyards. The collections include NHL, NFL, MLB and NCAA teams to cover sports enthusiasts. They also have created some beautiful Medical ID bracelets and military bracelets, too.

The clasp is fantastic... not only is it a stunning piece of hardware, but I can easily put it on without assistance - such an important feature for anyone who has difficulty managing bracelets. The website has a video for helping shoppers determine their sizing needs.

 I think every NHL hockey fan should get one of these bracelets. Not only are they beautiful, the sale of each bracelet means a veteran earns money. As per their website,

With every product you purchase, Handmade By Heroes employs a disabled veteran to make it. Our program not only teaches necessary job skills to help with transition in to the civilian work force, but provides therapeutic work and an environment which helps Veterans combat conditions such as PTSD, TBI and arthritis. 

By buying our products, you are helping to empower our nations veterans. 

Handmade by Heroes has partnered with Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC).  They are donating a portion of the proceeds of the Vancouver Canucks Paracord Bracelet (as well as the other Canadian NHL teams) to WWC which will directly support Canadian Armed Forces military members, veterans and their families.

Pens: Stanley Cup Champs, 2016
There is really only one thing to do at this point, readers...visit now, purchase some of their great accessories for yourself and some gifts for your friends and family. You'll be buying excellent quality and workmanship, you'll help employ disabled veterans, you'll be showing the veterans and their families that you care, and your wrist will have never looked more fabulous during the upcoming season!

Now go visit the link below to learn everything you need to know so you can help spread the word, get your shopping on and give your credit card a little workout for a good cause!!

Thank you so much, are the best :o)

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