Monday, November 8, 2010

Book Review: For the Love of Empty Net Goals

The first review has arrived for Lisa Ovens' long awaited sequel to Hockey & High Heels - A different Kind of Hockey Book. From journalist/columnist, Sandra Thomas at the The Vancouver Courier, Canada's largest community newspaper...

The Review...
Vancouver-based hockey fanatic Lisa Ovens has done it again with For the Love of Empty Net Goals. In her sequel to Hockey and High Heels (every woman’s essential guide to hockey published in 2005), Lisa explores hockey culture in both Canada and the U.S. While Empty Net is written for both sexes, Lisa doesn’t miss the opportunity to champion female rights in what’s become the fastest growing sport in the world—women’s hockey.
In her second book, Lisa also puts her money where her mouth is and travels thousands of miles researching hockey teams and culture, during which she details a visit to the home of the Phoenix Coyotes and her search for the elusive Wayne Gretzky. In one chapter Lisa also describes in great detail her hilarious attempts to meet someone (hopefully a man) to accompany her to a hockey game in Anaheim after her wingman, Helen, cancels her trip to California at the last minute due to a family emergency.

Lisa isn’t afraid to give her opinion and give it she does, on everything from superstar player Sidney Crosby, the soap opera, The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives and the National Hockey League. And maybe it’s time the NHL listens up. Lisa’s proposal to include fan re-location for hockey teams in the Sunbelt with few followers makes sense. And she even promises to waive her no-trade clause with the Canucks to follow a team with a home base that includes sunshine and palm trees.

In For the Love of Empty Net Goals, Lisa uses humor, and a few songs, to explain the state of hockey today. I highly recommend it for hockey fans everywhere.

-Sandra Thomas is a long time journalist and columnist with the Vancouver Courier Newspaper, who, like Lisa, has faith the Canucks will one day bring home the Stanley Cup.

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